YMag’s Y

YMag’s Y

Why YMag, you ask?

We believe that behind every incredible entrepreneur, is an inner drive.
We like to call it your Y…

Shar Moore, CEO & Founder of YMag®

A purposeful driving force, that is felt by those in her presence.

We believe that YMag truly harnesses that special energy, captivated within the stories we feature on our site and in the pages of our printed magazine.

Our powerful, inspirational, educational, yet strongly ‘on purpose’ articles and stories, are aimed to target the most savviest, switched-on and heart centered female entrepreneurs in existence.


YMag possesses a heartbeat like no other magazine in the marketplace. Beat by beat, woman by woman, our promise to continually strive to connect, inspire and educate our readers, by searching the globe for the most suitable content and advertising partners.

Our readers are intelligent, savvy and on purpose. When they walk, people in their presence ‘feel’ them, as they stride a stride, that only a woman living her true purpose in life can.

Finally, a magazine that tackles the heart of business, showcasing premium products & services, for women yearning to have it all. Quarterly printed issues, ensures you have time to digest and indulge in YMag.

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