8 Female Changemakers

8 Female Changemakers

These are the 8 Female Changemakers.

These women are rule-breakers, risk-takers and women who know that to succeed in business, they need to redefine the status quo.

These women are passionate about change and willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals and the goals of others.

Tracy Tully

Motivation and Resilience
for Women,

Beyond Bullying & Trauma

Mentoring women coming back from
trauma or bullying who want to start
their new business or journey.
Tracy provides a survival guide
with advice and networks to
get started moving forward!

Jody Sainsbury

Jody is known for showing the world she can overcome all challenges by
reinventing herself with a fulfilling and successful career in coal train driving.

She believes more women should consider careers (or career changes!) into these non-traditional occupations as there are a lot of great benefits.

This isn’t just about securing a well-paying future, but also about personal fulfilment and accomplishment.

Dee Faith

Author, Comedian, Mum,
Great Friend & Humanitarian
Dee Faith steps out of the shadows
to share her online antidotes so that
other women can have the power
to do so too.

Karen Stevens

Her passion is healing women’s invisible wounds and restoring deep, unshakeable self-love and personal power so women can embrace their greatness. Karen is a certified Forensic Healing Practitioner and instructor, intuitive healer and mentor.

Candice Bernardoni

Founder and designer of
SCARLETTOS shoes, Candice
is transforming the way
professional women buy shoes
with her exciting styles and vibrant
textures. She helps women feel
confident and powerful through
how they look.

Sarah Stein

Senior Bookkeeper, BAS Agent, Author, Mentor & Facilitator Sarah is not your ordinary bookkeeper! She believes the key to business success is systems and support. With her bookkeeping and business development services, clients are able to create enjoyable, sustainable and profitable businesses.

Toni Lontis

Toni Lontis is a published author,
radio host, speaker and co-host
of women’s retreats. She inspires
and empowers people to build
resilience in their lives.

Yogita Ridgley

Yogita Ridgley is a Solo Travel Specialist, Mindset Coach, speaker, author and travel blogger, with over a decade of solo travelling experience.
Yogita regularly invests in her personal growth and learning by attending conferences, retreats and doing self development training and courses.

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