Top 10 Women to Watch


The Top 10 Women to Watch 2019 is an annual list created by YMag to honour extraordinary and inspirational women from a variety of fields. The list is compiled showcasing Australia’s up and coming women in business and life.

CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Shar Moore, said the list was compiled to celebrate the unsung women in business whose achievements in business creation, innovation and making a difference are inspiring.

Karen McDermott

Karen McDermott is an inspiration. As a teenage single mum, she became a proud mother of six, and moved to the other side of the world and became a multi-genre author of over 20 books. She’s a mentor, speaker and Advanced Law of Attraction practitioner who teaches people to attract whatever they want in their lives. She’ll tell you that her true purpose in life is to help others share their stories with the world.

Jo Hollis

Jo was a late starter. It only took her 54 years to find her Y!

Previously an accountant, Jo created All Disability Plan Management in the sleepy coastal town of Port Macquarie, and helps people with a disability and their families and carers, by acting as a financial intermediary with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This frees them from the burden of financial paperwork, allowing them to focus on living life instead.

The NDIS created a need for a role as a financial intermediary, called an NDIS Plan Manager, between the government and participants in the scheme. It is a totally new industry, but Jo recognised the opportunity early on.

Jenny De Lacy

Jenny’s video marketing strategy and coaching business is booming, thanks to her video marketing academy, coaching, events and online courses. She’s made it her purpose to market clients and their company through the power of camera.

“Video is such an incredible medium to share your message and to share it where people ARE. So, if you can’t meet them in person, let them get to know, like and trust you on video, in emails, in messenger and on social media”, says Jenny. “We can be responsive to where our audience need us most through the power of video.”

The importance for entrepreneurs to embrace the camera is essential these days, says Jenny,

Kylie Snowley-Noden

Kylie Snowley-Noden of The Distinctive Leader International is a kick-ass business coach and trainer. Kylie was included in the Top 10 Women to Watch due to her commitment to empowering others and changing lives.

Kylie started her entrepreneurial journey with a counselling business, following her experience as a drug and alcohol counsellor, relationship counselling and within a male prison.

Now, she has dedicated herself to inspiring others, believing that everyone deserves an incredible life and business.

Rebecca Cofrancesco

Rebecca is a Marketing Strategist & Content Creator. Following a 20+ year financial services marketing career working with the big players like Citi, BT, MetLife and AMP, she created her business, Marketing Goodness.

Marketing Goodness was created three years ago and Beck has focussed on her business fulltime over a year ago.

Knowing she is setting business owners up for success is tremendously satisfying; she has a mix of corporate clients and small business owners. It’s a perfect balance for her, as she can leverage 20 years of corporate experience while giving smaller businesses access to affordable, practical, marketing training and content creation skills.

Victoria Coster

British born Victoria Coster moved to Australia when she was 16 with her family. Upon graduating, she’d always had a knack for finance, so she found a job in the home loan processing business.

Meanwhile, her personal life was falling apart; she found herself in an abusive marriage, escaping in her pyjama’s with her 18-month-old son in September 2007.

She started working for a friend’s credit repair business but in 2013 and in 2014, she started her credit repair business out of her son’s bedroom with a computer from Centrelink.

She decided to operate on the basis of a ‘no result no fee’ policy and joined a local broker group’s monthly meeting to help them clear their clients’ credit reports so that they could get financing. She was so successful with this that she put herself through a 12-month business course with Business Blueprint, paving the way for the launch of Credit Fix Solutions, now one of the leading credit repair companies in Australia.

Natalie Hewitt

Natalie Hewitt is a Style & Image Coach, Speaker and Advocate.

By leveraging the power of her diverse set of skills and considerable life experience, Natalie supports other women through their transformational journey to bring out their best self.

Catharine Boon

Catharine is an author and transformational coach. Having lived in eastern and western cultures, she’s had unique experiences and, most importantly, different perspectives and perceptions, which have helped her understand and appreciate diversity.

Catharine also has an incredibly challenging and inspiring life story which has spurred her to with with and support other women.

Catharine teaches other women how to say no without guilt and how incredibly powerful and liberating your life can be when you do.

Becky Paroz

Bek Paroz has many impressive talents, among them 27 years of experience in the construction industry, and she is also a highly proficient coach, mentor, communication and ‘change manager’ with experience in delivering learning and developmental workshops.

In 2014, looking to expand her already impressive skill set and challenge herself, she wrote her very first article, now included in her book, Words of Bek. The book tells of her journey, her insights and the ‘horror and humour’ of her own life growing up with domestic violence and suffering a chronic, incurable disease while still a teenager. It tells of the solutions she found to cope with her own problems.

Anneli Blundell

Anneli Blundell is a “professional People Whisperer” who teaches people how to connect on a deeper level.

Starting her business in 2006, Anneli quit her baking job and with no money, no coaching qualifications, no clients, she pursued her dream and hasn’t looked back.

‘I’m on a mission to humanise the leadership landscape – to help people see each other clearly and interact with each other with compassion, curiosity and courage”, said Anneli.

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